need help with ARM

Joel Coltoff
Wed Mar 21 10:40:00 GMT 2001


I need some help with an ARM setup. My question is probably off-topic
for a cross compiler list so to appease the masses I'll ask the
obligatory question.

I've configured my tools (binutils 2.10, gcc 2.95.2) for arm-elf.
When I do.

	arm-elf-gcc -c -g -Wa,-alhs=foo.lst foo.c

my assembly listing doesn't have the C source code in it. It does if
I use either of these.

	sh-elf-gcc -c -g -Wa,-alhs=foo.lst foo.c
	mips64orion-elf-gcc -c -g -Wa,-alhs=foo.lst foo.c

All versions were built off the same source code tree. Any idea why
this is? Now for the real reason I need some help and not just some
minor inconvenience.

We are using a Cirrus Logic EP7211 (ARM720T core) on a board developed
in house. There is no monitor program on the board. The chip has a
JTAG interface using Embedded ICE and we have a JEENI ice unit. What
do we need to do to use gdb to debug the board? Any pointers would be
greatly appreciated.


Joel Coltoff

The beginning of wisdom is the definitions of terms.
    -- Socrates

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