Cross compilation on Sparc/Solaris for Intel/Linux?

Yves Rutschle
Tue Mar 20 07:59:00 GMT 2001

> Recently, we have started a project with target OS Linux on Intel PC.
> As there are no Linux PC, but several Sparc servers with Solaris 6 available
> (from a previous project), there is the idea to cross-compile
> with gcc on Solaris.

Just out of curiosity, what are you going to do with the resulting
executables? (you don't plan to ship them with no testing whatsoever,
do you? :-)

> I heard about the fact, that cross-compiled binaries are larger
> and less performant than those compiled on the target platform.
> Is this the only disadvantage?

Why should it?
AFAIK, the target code generating part of GCC is the same for any
host (I mean, you use the same code to compile for i386-linux,
whatever your host is, i386-linux or sparc-solaris) therefore
the produced code must be exactly the same.

In my opinion, the only disadvantages of crosscompiling are:
- toolchain somewhat harder to get to work (but mostly because
building a cross-gcc isn't trivial; if you got a pre-compiled
binary it would be just as straightforward as using a native
- need to move files around before testing

And in return, you get to work on the development platform
you like..


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