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>  I'll see about going back a few versions of the dll and see if it the
>problems is resolved.  The problem only manifests itself when I specify
>paths being passed to files (eg -I option directly or thru a 
>makefile); the shell itself gives no problem.

  How bizarre.  I did a quick test myself: I put the attached file
testroot.c into a directory called 'test' in my home dir, and put the file
testroot.h into my root dir (which happens to be D:\cygwin).

dkorn@NONAME ~
$ cd test

dkorn@NONAME ~/test
$ gcc testroot.c -o testroot
testroot.c:4: testroot.h: No such file or directory

dkorn@NONAME ~/test
$ gcc testroot.c -o testroot -I/

dkorn@NONAME ~/test
$ ./testroot
Testing root works ok!
dkorn@NONAME ~/test

  So it works fine for me.  If the dll doesn't fix it, send your cygcheck
output and we'll take a look at it together.

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#define TESTROOT_MESS "Testing root works ok!"

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