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Fri Mar 16 10:44:00 GMT 2001

  What version of cygwin are you using and which version of NT (I have
2k/NTFS and cygwin dll 1.1.8 on a Dell Inspiration c600?) The cygwin tools,
on my system, do not consistently reference the / directory properly whereas
they do when I specify the drive (ala dos) I don't know why this is
different then the way cygwin is working on your system but...

  Configure is case sensitive, I am using all lower case -- wish that was
part of my problem!

  I have changed to a separate dir for the builds to be on the safe
side(thanks); I have seen no problems with configuring/building in the
source dir.

  The other stuff should make no difference.



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>  We do have problems with the standard prefix (/usr/local) because we are
>using the Cygnus tools on NT; they installed into the x:/cygwin directory
>rather then the / dir (I'm using the standard cygwin install.) I've gotten
>past that issue by specifying c:/cygwin/usr with locates everything as
>needed (note that the drive specification is required.  BTW: I completely
>agree with you on using the standards/defaults, , I wish I had
>a Linux node to do the work on.

>  Here's the line I use to invoke configure:
>./configure --target=i686-pc-Linux-gnu --host=i686-pc-cygwin32
>--build=i686-pc-cygwin32 --prefix=c:/cygwin/usr/usr

  Methinks you have a little confusion here.

  First of all, Cygwin understands Unix-style paths and in fact works
*much* better using them then using DOS style paths.  You certainly can't
hope to have much luck passing a DOS path to a Unix shell/makefile
combination like Gcc configure, and I would seriously recommend you just
use Unix paths and be done with it.

  I use cygwin on NT every day and have absolutely no problem doing
configures and builds of gcc without using any --prefix setting.

  Secondly, the X:/cygwin directory (the root of your cygwin installation)
should be exactly the same thing as the '/' dir, and the cygwin install
procedure should have created a mount list entry to reflect that mapping.
What output do you get when you run the mount command?

  Thirdly, I don't actually know if the --target triple is case sensitive
or not, but I would *not* have a capital L in linux myself.

  Fourthly, you shouldn't need to specify the build machine, it ought to
work that out for itself.  And since host==build is the default, you
could leave that out as well.

  Fifthly, you're configuring and building in the source directory.  While
this is meant to work, it may modify the source in such a way that you
cannot subsequently re-configure and re-build, but end up having to unpack
the source code tarball into a fresh directory.  As a matter of standard
practise I always recommend building in a separate build dir.

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