load ELF image to ARM board

Yves Rutschle y.rutschle@indigovision.com
Thu Mar 15 03:11:00 GMT 2001

> I was using Multl-ICE on the JTAG port as the Debugging 
> Interface. However,
> same problem occured when I tried the ARMulator. It seems to 
> be related
> with the debugger itself, or maybe the build was not correct.

What has the ARMulator to do with that? (ARMulator=software
emulator of the ARM processor) If your program can't load/run
on the ARMulator, then yes you have a build problem. You should
be at least able to see the program going through the first
assembly instructions (obviously doing IO will be a problem...)

> I was using "arm-unknown-elf" as target, gcc-2.95.2, 
> binutils-2.10.1, and
> newlib-1.9.0. Could you help me to verify that whether this 
> set-up right
> for ARM7TDMI Board? Are there any board specific things that need
> attention, like some Board Support Package?

Looks fine. I don't know if you can load elf file to a board
with ADS though. And, you might need to modify newlib slightly to
support your board (unless you have such a Board Support Package).
I /think/ all board-specific stuff in newlib is in libgloss,
but I looked at newlib 15 minutes 3 months ago so don't hesitate
to think I'm wrong :-)


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