questions about cross-compiler!

Tue Mar 13 04:07:00 GMT 2001

    i have a couple of questions to ask.

1)i want to know if my gcc compiler can generate a.out binary format,
how can i do?

2)if i want to build a new gcc compiler which can generate a.out
binary format,do i have to build this compiler to be a cross-compiler?
i think i have to do in this way. here is my reason:my machine is PII266,
and i'm using Rea hat6.2,so i know the "configure" can guess this,
and set --host to be "i686-pc-linux-gnu",but what i really need is aout,
that is,the --target=i686-pc-aout(or i386-aout), so host!=target. 
according to definition of cross-compiler,i must build the compiler to
be a cross-compiler.
am i right?  is there other solutions to solve my problem?

i'm a newbie,i need help. Anybody can help me? THANKS in advance!

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