Compiling gcc-2.95.2 for use as m68k cross compiler

Mark Palmerino
Sat Mar 3 08:54:00 GMT 2001

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that I was finally successful at making a
cross-compiler for a 68332 board that produces S-record files that work!
(Work, at least in the sense of a simple hello.c program).

Although I say "I was finally successful...", I know that I couldn't have
gotten to that point without the many, many suggestions offered by the
members of this group. Each response to my requests for help not only helped
me on my way but, perhaps more importantly, encouraged me to continue - and
there were times when I needed encouragement, :-) -- Thanks!

I feel that a couple of individuals deserve special mention for patiently
offering a number of helpful suggestions:

1. Kai Ruottu
2. Joel Schantz
3. Noah Aklilu
4. Stefan Petters

Thanks again to everyone!

PS - A couple of individuals suggested the book by Michael Barr called
"Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++" - I have picked that up (along
with another book called "An Embedded Software Primer" by David Simon") and
I'm looking forward to some interesting reading this weekend.

Best Regards,


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