wirespeed arm-uclinux gcc/glibc build error

John Andrews john@triscend.com
Tue Jun 26 02:53:00 GMT 2001

Thank You Peter and Philip!

Its finally running. Resulting script tarball attached.

John E. A.

p.s. This is an example for a presentation at the Embedded Linux Expo in San
     this week: Building GNU crosstools - from the newbies perspective.
     (I've certainly got the last part wired 8-)
     Check it out in the archives after 6/29/2001: www.elinuxexpo.com

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Subject: Re: wirespeed arm-uclinux gcc/glibc build error

>../glibc-2.1.3-uclinux-arm/configure --host=3Darm-uclinux =
>--enable-add-ons --prefix=3D${PREFIX}/arm-uclinux =
>--with-headers=3D${PREFIX}/arm-uclinux/include --without-fp =
>--program-prefix=3D"arm-uclinux-" --disable-profile --enable-omit-fp =
>--disable-shared --enable-static-nss --disable-libio  2>&1 | tee =

Try adding:

CC=arm-wirespeed-uclinux-gcc \
AR=arm-wirespeed-uclinux-ar \

to the start of the configure line for glibc.  This will tell configure to
use these tools instead of 'gcc', 'ar', and 'ranlib'.  You have ot
make sure that the cross tools are in your path so configure can find

So it should look like:

CC=arm-wirespeed-uclinux-gcc \
AR=arm-wirespeed-uclinux-ar \
../glibc-2.1.3-uclinux-arm/configure --host=3Darm-uclinux \
--enable-add-ons --prefix=3D${PREFIX}/arm-uclinux \
--with-headers=3D${PREFIX}/arm-uclinux/include --without-fp \
--program-prefix=3D"arm-uclinux-" --disable-profile --enable-omit-fp \
--disable-shared --enable-static-nss --disable-libio  2>&1 | tee \

Give it whirl and see what happens...

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