GCC on windows for 68k

Tawde, Ganesh gtawde@opentv.com
Thu Jun 21 13:20:00 GMT 2001

Title: GCC on windows for 68k

thanks. I will give this a try. 

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  Hello Ganesh.... 
  First you got to download & install cygwin 
  at http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/ 
  Then you procede by taking a look at http://crossgcc.billgatliff.com/ for 
  his wonderful building script. (m68k-coff is what your 
  target will be) 
  By the way, if you extract the source-code from 
  the '*.tar.gz' with WinZip (or the likes), make 
  sure winzip doesn't change the <LF> to 
  <CR><LF>. (go to the 
  options->configuration->miscellaneous and make 
  sure the 'TAR file smart CR/LF conversion' is *not* 
  It's better you extract it with "tar xfz 
  <file>.tar.gz" under cygwin. 
  Then you can start adjusting your Visual Studio so it 
  can compile with the m68k-coff-g++ or m68k-coff-gcc. 
  Good luck, i hope this is helpful. Jan 
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  windows for 68k 
  Hi,  I am looking for a GCC cross 
  compiler on Windows for 68331 processor. I want the 
  compiler to use on a Windows NT machine and which will cross compile for the 68331 processor. Can anybody 
  give me some links and some more information on how I can proceed ? Thanks in advance. Ganesh 

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