How to build gdb and gdbserver

Peter Barada
Thu Jun 21 08:12:00 GMT 2001

>>export PATH=/usr/local/cross-linux-tools/bin:$PATH
>>cd foo
>>tar zxf ~/src/gdb-5.0.tar.gz
>>mkdir build-gb
>>cd build-gdb
>>../gdb-5.0/configure --target=powerpc-linux 
>>make all install
>>../gdb-5.0/configure --host=powerpc-linux 
>>cd gdb/gdbserver
>>make all
>  Looks good to me.  Give it a go.

The first part works great.  I had to set CC, AR, RANLIB, etc since if
I tried to configure for powerpc-linux as a host, it would still look
for 'gcc' instead of the prefixed versions. The second configure
doesn't leave a config.log behind so I can find out why: 

[pbarada: /bigdisk/pbarada/src/gnu-cross/build-gdb] > CC=powerpc-linux-gcc AS=powerpc-linux-as AR=powerpc-linux-ar RANLIB=powerpc-linux-ranlib LD=powrpc-linux-ld ../gdb-5.0/configure --host=powerpc-linux --prefix=/usr/local/cross-linux-tools
Created "Makefile" in /bigdisk/pbarada/src/gnu-cross/build-gdb using "mt-frag"
../gdb-5.0/configure: ./if23230: cannot execute binary file
Configuring intl...
loading cache ../config.cache

And there is no build-gdb/gdb/gdbserver directory.
Any ideas???

>  But isn't gdbserver going to be like glibc: the host is the system it
>runs on, and it has no concept of 'target' ?  gdbserver is a native tool,
>not a cross-tool.  (I must admit, when I was working on it myself last
>weekend, I just ripped all the files out of the gdb source tree and put
>together an ad-hoc build).

Can you send my your hacked up Makefile so I can build myself a

Thanks in advance,

Peter Barada                         
Wizard                                         781-852-2768 (direct)
WaveMark Solutions(wholly owned by Motorola)   781-270-0193 (fax)

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