How to build glibc for ppc variant w/o floating point?

David Korn
Wed Jun 20 01:56:00 GMT 2001

>The above looks like it explains how to produce a gcc that doesn't
>have floating point, but I'm more concerned about producing *glibc*
>that doesn't have an floating point in it.  I can't see how modifying
>the t-ppcgas file in gcc(since I'm using gas) can affect the code
>genereated when building glibc.  I must be missing something here.

  Have you tried "make CFLAGS=-msoft-float" as well as configuring with
--nfp ?  If that works, you'll have a no fpu libc, which you can install 
into the nof subdir of $prefix/$target/lib.  Then you'd want to reconfigure
without the --nfp flag, do a build without the -msoft-float flag, and put
it into the $prefix/$target/lib/fpu subdir.  I think the point of Kai's 
explanation was that if you had newlib, the gcc build process would make
all the multilib variants for you and install them in the right places, but
since glibc doesn't do that, you have to build the various multilib variants


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