How to build glibc for ppc variant w/o floating point?

Peter Barada
Tue Jun 19 12:22:00 GMT 2001

> If the toolset isn't 'generic' but for some specific PowerPC-variant,
>using the specific '-mcpu=' etc. options for glibc is then also
>possible, just as for 'libgcc.a', 'libiberty.a', 'libstdc++.a' etc.
>while producing the extra libraries coming with GCC... Putting all
>the needed options as defaults ('MULTILIB_DEFAULTS') for the produced
>GCC in the configuration may then be motivated. Only the '-mbig' and
>'-mcall-linux' are there (in 'gcc/config/rs6000/linux.h') as default.

I need a generic tool since I build code for PPC variants, some with
and some without a floating point unit.

The above looks like it explains how to produce a gcc that doesn't
have floating point, but I'm more concerned about producing *glibc*
that doesn't have an floating point in it.  I can't see how modifying
the t-ppcgas file in gcc(since I'm using gas) can affect the code
genereated when building glibc.  I must be missing something here.

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