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Tony Bryant
Mon Jun 18 15:52:00 GMT 2001

>>I thought that was only the version that came with RH7.0 , I thought the
>>problem were fixed in the version they stuck in RH7.1.
>  Clearly they aren't, as you have discovered; you should probably file a
>bugreport with RH.  AFAIK they've been through quite a number of revisions
>and bug fixes.  There may even be an update available that's more recent
>than the source CD you have.
>>Anyway it doesn't matter, I can work around this problem (unlike the
>>template problems I found with 2.95).
>  Yeah, the 2.95 series do have problems with their support of some of 
>the more modern features of C++, and there isn't any solution except to
>try and find a more recent version that works well enough to be used, or
>to wait for v3 to be released.
>  How did you work round the bug, BTW?

in short, a hack...

#define TSTR (*((unsigned char volatile *)0xFFFF8620))

*((unsigned char *)&TSTR)=TSTR | 0x01;

It seems to work 100%, but it's not guaranteed to, of course.

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