gcc for strongarm, WINNT version

Vermeulen Jan Jan.Vermeulen@siemens.atea.be
Fri Jun 15 02:19:00 GMT 2001

Title: RE: gcc for strongarm, WINNT version

>Can anyone please tell me where I can find a gcc compiler for strongarm,
>WINNT version?

I assume you are using 'cygwin' on your NT computer.

I do not know if there already exist binaries of gcc which outputs
strongarm code. But you can make a gcc-compiler for strongarm yourself.

You might want to check out

Although I don't know exactly what you are looking for, I hope this
link might be of help.

Are you planning to make a linux-os for strongarm board? Or do you want
to make an own OS and need a cross compiler?
Will you be using newlib or any other libraries ?
Do you want to build your own crosscompiler or do you want only
the binaries?

Best regards,

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