Ken Rose kenr@vmlabs.com
Thu Jun 14 12:28:00 GMT 2001

On 14-Jun-01, Roger Racine wrote:
>>Jose Ramirez wrote:
>> >
>> > Thank you,
>> >
>> > Is building the ADA cross similar to gcc cross? I was
>> > hoping so.
>> >
>Yes.  Building the cross compiler is the same.  You do need to have a 
>target operating system that is supported, in order to get the Ada runtime 
>environment to link and run.  And you need a host version of the GNAT Ada 
>compiler.  There is an option for compiling programs that do not use the 
>runtime environment, but that limits the language constructs pretty severely.

What does the runtime need to support?  Is there a specification somewhere, for
those of us who might want to port it?

 - ken

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