x86-linux -> x86-pc cross

Stephen Smith ischis2@home.com
Thu Jun 14 10:41:00 GMT 2001

David Korn wrote:

>   Do you have an embedded OS, or are you running newlib or some bare-bones
> BSP?
>        DaveK

I have a full featured embedded OS, with thread support and shared library support.  The only reason for using newlib is
to get GCC to compile.

We don't link to the libraries or use the header files.  In fact, on the development machines, after we have built GCC,
binutils, and insight, we then
delete all the *.a, *.o, and *.h files to guarantee that they don't get used.

So, knowing that the libraries that are needed to build the cross tools aren't going to pollute the embedded system,  I
just may include the winsup from cygwin unless you can think of a reason that I shouldn't.


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