from ram

Yves Rutschle
Tue Jun 12 01:04:00 GMT 2001

> respected sir, 
> please tell me how to use vxworks with linux platform if possible send
> sample code is there any special installation to be made in 
> linux or else 
> in vxworks 
> waiting for ur reply 

*blinks* fnord?
Looks like words, but makes no sense to me..

Do you want to run VxWorks under Linux? Or Linux under VxWorks?
You're going to be disappointed then, as Linux and VxWorks both
are operating systems and therefore don't share the computer:
you have one or the other (generally speaking).

If you want any kind of help, you need to be more specific about
what you want to do, what host you are developing on, what target
you are developing for, etc...


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