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David Korn
Fri Jun 8 08:15:00 GMT 2001

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  Not quite, but we'll say no more about it :-P

>>   But you *have* to either use --with-headers OR symlink 
>> into .../include OR manually place the headers in 
>.../sys-include if your
>> target headers need fixing.
>Do previously-installed glibc headers need fixing?

Glibc headers should be ANSI and Gcc compliant from the word go, and so
shouldn't *ever* need fixing.  The same goes for the Newlib headers; in
fact, if either of those sets of headers ever did need fixing, it should be
treated as a bug and the fix should be applied to the source in the Gnu /
Redhat CVS tree. 

>> So why not use --with-headers, let it copy them into .../sys-include, let
>> it fix them during the build, and then after installing just delete the
>> sys-include directory?
>Oops, this is, in fact, exactly what I do for non *-linux 
>crosscompilers.  :^)

  It's almost the same as what I do for (non-linux) crosscompilers, with
one exception: I don't even bother deleting the sys-include, since include
and sys-include have the same contents, and since the $prefix/lib/gcc-lib/
$target/$version/include dir where the fixed headers live is first of all
on the path, it doesn't really matter to me that sys-include gets searched
before include, since I know for a fact that the version in sys-include
will be identical to the version in include.

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