GNU C and ROM based code

Keith Wright
Thu Jun 7 23:23:00 GMT 2001

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> Keith, Rafael:
> > It's true that gcc/ld can be used to put code into ROM, but the whole
> > process would be easier if gcc could generate Position Independant
> > Code for the Motorola 68000/Coldfire family (the -fPIC option).

> > PIC just to make the code movable, e.g. so it can run either in
> > ROM or RAM?

> Having truly PIC code solves a lot of problems, but I'm at a loss to
> see how it would help any process that involves getting code into ROM.
> If you're running code from ROM, why do you need to relocate it?

Well it would be nice to be able to make a version of my bootloader
that would run in ROM but could be copied to RAM at run time.
Currently I have to make multiple version depending upon where
they are to reside.

> (I'm coming into this discussion from crossgcc, so I don't know what
> the "this situation" refers to).

Nor I---that seems to be the first occurrence of that phrase.
In general there is no very specific situation, just a desire
for PIC.

> After a fashion, gcc can do PIC for most processors.

Unfortunately, the Motorola 68000 family is not among them.

> I suspect that the GOT approach was a poor-man's dynamic linker in an
> OS-based environment, and not intended for embedded execute-from-ROM
> setting.  But still, depending on the "this situation" you're
> referring to, it may be what you are looking for.
> Although, I *am* curious as to why gcc doesn't kick out PIC code using
> PIC-type relative instructions...

Mostly it does, if you mean using PC-relative branches.  That's why
I asked, it seems so close.  The 68000 is to a great extent naturally
position independant.  If you say -fPIC you get syntax errors
in the generated assembler, but it is clear that somebody was
trying to make it work.

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