m68k cygwin on NT (again)

David Korn dkorn@pixelpower.com
Fri Jun 1 08:48:00 GMT 2001

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>Hmm, I don't know anything about the specs m68k-coff uses, but if you
>initially configure using --without-headers --with-newlib, then do a "make
>all-gcc", you shouldn't get any errors on that phase of the compiler.  The
>only way I could see you having problems is if m68k-coff's are so screwy
>that it requires stuff that is needed for libgcc, but I don't think so.
>Also, do a "make install-gcc" to install gcc by itself, which won't pick up
>any dependancies that would cause build errors.

  Fair enough; my usual ways round this problem are

     a) configure with --enable-languages=c, make all install 
with LANGUAGES="c", then build and install newlib, finally reconfigure
without --enable-languages (or with --enable-languages=c,c++ quite often
since they're the two I'm interestd in), and make all install again.

     b) just do a make all, wait for the error, cd into the gcc subdirectory
and make install from there (this is equivalent to make install-gcc from the
top level directory I think), then build newlib, then do a make all install

  I don't know why Jan is changing the specs or libgcc1-test.c.  Jan,
why are you changing those files?

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