m68k cygwin on NT (again)

Vermeulen Jan Jan.Vermeulen@siemens.atea.be
Fri Jun 1 04:32:00 GMT 2001

Hello David,

Thanks for replying.

>>make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/Administrator/src/m68kgcc/gcc/intl'
>>./genattr ../../gcc-2.95.3/gcc/config/m68k/m68k.md > tmp-attr.h
>>.  At file position: 139ound character
>>Following characters are:
>  This is a mangled error message; what it's actually trying to say is 
>something along the lines of 
>"error: <filename>: found character <CR>.  At file position: 139",
>but when it prints the CR it does so literally and the second part of the
>message has overwritten the first!
>  This happens a lot in cygwin, owing to the DOS-vs-Unix line end problems.
>You can either run a dos2unix utility over all the source code after you
>unpack it, or you can make a textmode mountpoint for the directory where
>it's unpacked and reference it through that mountpoint.  

I'm a little bit confused now.
i got the gcc-2.95.3.tar.gz from a ftp-server.
(and also used that file to make my m68k-coff on my linuxbox.)
So this source-code is already in 'unix'(linux) format, i guess.

Does _cygwin-gcc_ expect <cr><lf> at the end of a line in the sourcecode or
does it expect just the <lf> ?
In the first case, i should rather seek for a unix2dos utility which changes
all <lf> to <cr><lf>'s.

OR (if it's the other way around), does winzip *change* the source-code
it is unpacking to <cr><lf> while cygwin expects <lf>

>  So after the cd ../m68kgcc, you want to try something like
>    mkdir /gcc-src
>    mount -t `cygpath -w ../gcc-2.95.3/` /gcc-src
>And then use /gcc-src/ as the path to your configure command:

The mounting doesn't seem to work after i do a "mkdir /gcc-src".
Usage: mount [OPTION] [<win32path> <posixpath>]
  -b, --binary                  text files are equivalent to binary files
                                (newline = \n)
  -c, --change-cygdrive-prefix  change the cygdrive path prefix to
  -f, --force                   force mount, don't warn about missing mount
                                point directories
  -i, --import-old-mounts copy  old registry mount table mounts into the

                                mount areas
  -p, --show-cygdrive-prefix    show user and/or system cygdrive path prefix
  -s, --system                  add mount point to system-wide registry

  -t, --text       (default)    text files get \r\n line endings
  -u, --user       (default)    add mount point to user registry location
  -x, --executable              treat all files under mount point as

  -X, --cygwin-executable       treat all files under mount point as cygwin

Administrator@PCF794 ~/src/m68kgcc
$ mount -t 'cygpath -w ../gcc-2.95.3/' /gcc-src
mount: /gcc-src: Invalid argument

Administrator@PCF794 ~/src/m68kgcc

I'll start searching for a recursive unix2dos tool that can 
change all the files in the (sub)directories. 
But why doesn't the mount work? It looks (syntax) to be ok...


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