m68k-gdb+cybertec, cygwin, "foo has disappeared"

Aaron J. Grier aaron@frye.com
Fri Jun 29 16:25:00 GMT 2001

the short story:

(gdb) run
`/tmp/hello.nxe' has disappeared; keeping its symbols.
Starting program: /tmp/hello.nxe
Do you want to download `/tmp/hello.nxe'?(y or n) y
bfd_map_over_sections failed

the long story:

it's now time to bring some co-workers in on my previously linux-hosted
RTEMS project, and I'm having some difficulties getting m68k-bdm-elf-gdb
to work under cygwin.

cross compilation works fine.  in fact, I cross-compiled RTEMS under
cygwin from the very same tree I cross-compile it under linux, exported
to windows via samba.  I was amazed it actually worked.

however, m68k-gdb under cygwin has been a nightmare so far.  we are
using the P&E ICD interface, which works great with gdb-5.0 +
cybertec[1] patches under linux.

under cygwin gdb would coredump after either issuing a run or load
command.  I traced this back to some bugs in remote-m68k-bdm.c:
loadExecutable wasn't setting downloadErrorstring causing a null-pointer
reference in bdm_load().  I added the warnings, which stopped gdb from
coredumping, but it still doesn't fix the basic problem.

before I dive into bfd_ land, has anybody else run into similar
problems?  my initial guess is that somehow the cygwin namespace is
getting screwed up somehow, which explains the "has disappeared"
message, and perhaps bfd_map_over_sections is running into the same

any insight or suggestions on where to look to fix this, or a
precompiled m68k-bdm-elf-gdb for cygwin would be much appreciated.

[1] Chris Johns coldfire patches, from ftp.cybertec.com/pub/bdm.  I
    added some extra code to allow recovery from bus errors when using
    the P&E/ICD interface, which haven't been re-incorporated into the
    cybertec patches yet.

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