arm cross compiler problems (gcc-3.0)

Miah Gregory
Fri Jun 29 03:31:00 GMT 2001


I'm having difficulties getting the cross-compile of gcc-3.0 to succeed
when targeting arm-linux, using gcc-3.0 as the host compiler.

Initially, I get an assembler error, which the FAQ provides a fix for
(symlink the correct as into the build-gcc-3.0/gcc directory) - the
output from gcc (truncated) is attached as error-1.txt.

Once the symlink is in place, I then get problems with missing header files,
unistd.h, and pthread.h later on (see error-2.txt for unistd.h problem).

Can anyone suggest a solution to this? I've tried inserting the various
header files that are requested in the include path, however I can't find
a suitable pthread.h.

Thanks in advance.

Miah Gregory, Software Engineer, Picsel Technologies Ltd

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