linker file

Vermeulen Jan
Mon Jun 18 06:47:00 GMT 2001

Title: linker file


Using a gcc cross compiler on i686-mandrake for a 68040 target, i was wondering what the actual steps are for making a test program. I got a few leds on my testboard at adress 0x10000 and i want to flash them in random order.

I got a 512k flash-rom at adresses (0x0 - 0x7ffff) and 4MB ram at adresses (0x800000 - 0x0C00000).
The first few bytes of the flashrom should be interrupt vectors, so how do i make the compiler know where the start adress is in the rom (if not 0x0)?

I know i have to do something with a linker-file which says where the compiler should adress uninitialized data, and where to copy initialized data from rom. (is the copying from rom->ram done automatically by gcc or do i have to do it myself?).

But i don't know where that file is or how to make it.

Do i have to make it before making a crossgcc compiler, because it is used when making the crossgcc; or is it more dynamic and can be invoked at link time?

And what should it look like ?

I've seen a few "test.c" programs been posted on the mailing list which can help me as well (i already thank the people who posted them once in a while :)...

Thanks if you cld give me some advice on this.

PS: i made the crossgcc compiler with a native ("b0rken") 2.96 compiler out of the 2.95.3 source-files. Nothing seems to be wrong, but do you think it could cause problems?

PPS: Just wondering if gcc also supports old 8-bit cpu's like 8051, 65C02, etc...

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