Duplicate definitions of __NFDBITS, __FDELT, __FDMASK

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Thu Jun 14 07:25:00 GMT 2001

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>Precisely.  Makes me wonder if he configured with --with-headers=... .

  Yeah, he musta done, or just manually put the headers into sys-include.
That gives me an idea for something you could put in the FAQ:

        Asking for help on the CrossGCC mailing list.

  When asking for help from the mailing list, please always state the
target and host systems you're using, and give details of the options you
used when configuring Gcc.  This information will assist the list members
in trying to help you with your problem.

  If you're using an old or unusual version of gcc or the binutils, that is
also probably worth mentioning.  If you're using newlib or glibc, mention
that as well.

  If you've  had problems compiling gcc, add the tail end of the output from
the build; just the last twenty or thirty lines should be enough for people
on the list to grasp the context of your problem.

  Whatcha think?

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