header filenames in .rodata section of gcc-arm-linux object files

Aaron J. Grier aaron@frye.com
Wed Jun 13 18:15:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 05:45:30PM -0600, Ray L wrote:

> i'm compiling a linux-2.4.5 kernel, and gcc seems to be inserting the
> names of a few (only a few...) header files into the .rodata section
> of the object files it creates.
> using the -S option, i see that it is creating (in linux/kernel/user.s, for
> example)
> .section	.rodata
> 	.align	2
> .LC0:
> 	.ascii	"/home/rayl/arm/src/linux/include/linux/dcache.h\000"
> 	.align	2
> .LC1:
> 	.ascii	"/home/rayl/arm/src/linux/include/linux/sched.h\000"
> i cannot see where these LC symbols are ever used in this file, however.
> can someone clue me in here?  why the hell are the names of these files
> showing up in my .rodata section??

symbols starting with capital L are local labels, and are not copied to
object files unless the assembler is passed the -L option.

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