AIX Host -> PowerPC Linux

Mon Jun 4 15:44:00 GMT 2001

Yes, you should be able to just copy the headers and libs to the 
appropriate place on the host machine.  I've built a cross-compiler 
targetting linux hosted on win2k and I just pulled the libraries and 
headers off my linux box and that seemed to go okay.

I grabbed the headers from the linux machine in /usr/include and I 
think you just need to point to wherever you put them with the --with-
headers flag when you configure gcc.

I grabbed the libs from /usr/lib and put them in $prefix/$target/lib and 
I put the libs from /lib in /lib/gcc/$target/2.95.3-2.  Both of these I 
believe were listed in the search path when I did a "gcc -print-
search-dirs".  I belive that some of these libs came from when 
someone built glibc on this target machine before I got here, so I'm 
not sure what went into that.  If you can build glibc on your target 
machine, you should be able to do it.

I also needed to modify the file (text file) to point to where a 
couple of libs were that gave me link errors when I tried to build a 
test.c.  Just look at that file when you get the link errors and you'll 
see how to modify it.


On 4 Jun 2001, at 13:56, Kevin Heatwole wrote:

> I'm attempting to build a gcc cross-compiler hosted on AIX and 
> targeted to LinuxPPC (installed on an iMac).
> Everything looks very straight forward.  The process I am using I got 
> from Bill Gatliff's site ( ) where he 
> outlines how to build a cross-compiler for an embedded target.  In 
> this process, you first build binutils (which built fine for me). 
> Then, you build a "gcc-core" (which also built fine for me).  Then, 
> you use this little gcc cross-compiler to build glibc.  And finally, 
> you rebuild a full gcc cross-compiler using the libs you built with 
> the little gcc cross-compiler.
> Unfortunately, glibc isn't building very well for me.  I've had to 
> edit some files that had preprocessing errors to get the build to 
> succeed (I haven't gotten all the way through this yet, though).
> Anyway, my question to the group is:
> Since I already have a complete LinuxPPC environment including a gcc 
> and all it's libraries sitting on the iMac and this is the platform I 
> want to build a gcc cross for (so I can build complete binaries on 
> AIX and just ftp them to the iMac), shouldn't I be able to just copy 
> all these libraries/include files into my cross on AIX and not have 
> to rebuild anything (especially the glibc that I'm having problems 
> building now)?
> Can someone indicate what files/directories I should copy from 
> LinuxPPC into my gcc cross on AIX to do this and where I should put 
> them on AIX?
> Thanks for any help...  I just want to give this a try before I turn 
> to hiring a consultant to do it for me.
> Kevin
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