AIX Host -> PowerPC Linux

Kevin Heatwole
Mon Jun 4 10:56:00 GMT 2001

I'm attempting to build a gcc cross-compiler hosted on AIX and 
targeted to LinuxPPC (installed on an iMac).

Everything looks very straight forward.  The process I am using I got 
from Bill Gatliff's site ( ) where he 
outlines how to build a cross-compiler for an embedded target.  In 
this process, you first build binutils (which built fine for me). 
Then, you build a "gcc-core" (which also built fine for me).  Then, 
you use this little gcc cross-compiler to build glibc.  And finally, 
you rebuild a full gcc cross-compiler using the libs you built with 
the little gcc cross-compiler.

Unfortunately, glibc isn't building very well for me.  I've had to 
edit some files that had preprocessing errors to get the build to 
succeed (I haven't gotten all the way through this yet, though).

Anyway, my question to the group is:

Since I already have a complete LinuxPPC environment including a gcc 
and all it's libraries sitting on the iMac and this is the platform I 
want to build a gcc cross for (so I can build complete binaries on 
AIX and just ftp them to the iMac), shouldn't I be able to just copy 
all these libraries/include files into my cross on AIX and not have 
to rebuild anything (especially the glibc that I'm having problems 
building now)?

Can someone indicate what files/directories I should copy from 
LinuxPPC into my gcc cross on AIX to do this and where I should put 
them on AIX?

Thanks for any help...  I just want to give this a try before I turn 
to hiring a consultant to do it for me.


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