Cross-gcc for SH

William A. Gatliff
Wed Jul 18 17:32:00 GMT 2001


> I set the baudrate as described in the stub,
> I also set the serial debug to 1, The stub will answer with a "+" (that
> should be an acknowledg) an the a $ sign followed by two \0x00 bytes and a #
> followed by a \0x00, so that I think The baudrate is OK.
> When I compiled the gdbstub, I found that the S-record file was containig
> some stuff out of the flash addresses may I did something wrong?

Can you post a logfile?  It sounds like the stub is sending back an
incorrect response to the "$?#xx" packet...

As to the addresses in the S-record file being in the wrong places,
it's because there's some initdata in the stub code that I haven't
cleaned up yet.  You can ignore the problem.

Bill Gatliff

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