MRI linker for object modules from GCC

William A. Gatliff
Wed Jul 25 11:16:00 GMT 2001


A quick look at MRI's source code would probably answer this question.

*rimshot*  Thank you, you've been a great crowd!

Seriously, I assume that you're running the MRI linker because you
have a library in a MRI-proprietary format.  Other than that, I don't
have anything I can add here...


Sounds like On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 11:09:57AM -0700, Tawde, Ganesh wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am facing some problem while using objcopy and MRI linker. I am trying to
> build our platform for a m68k on Windows (cygwin). I am rather using a
> hybrid setup. I use m68k-coff-gcc as the compiler for the system to produce
> the object files and m68k-coff-objcopy to convert the object files from COFF
> to IEEE format. Then I use the Microtec librarian and linker to get the
> final output. The problem I am facing is that  when the Microtec linker
> tries to link all these object files and libraries, it gives a lot of
> following kind of errors.
> (E) A0307-D Duplicate Public ControlID in module st000307
> All the symbols for which the error is caused are defined only once in the
> code. I was using the same codebase with the MRI toolchain before without
> any errors. I am trying to find out why should I get duplicate symbols error
> even when the symbols are defined only once and only in one module. 
> Can any body help me out with what could be happenning?
> Thanks
> Ganesh
> PS: I am trying to send this message to the mailing list and the mails are
> bouncing back since yesterday. Why ?

Bill Gatliff

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