startup embedded target

Vermeulen Jan
Tue Jul 24 07:19:00 GMT 2001

>Try the following :
>   .vector0 :
>    {
>     LONG( __stack )
>    } > rom1
>   .vector1 :
>    {
>     LONG( ABSOLUTE( main ) ) /* or _main depending on the compiler */
>    } > rom1
>Since these are the 2 first sections that go into rom1, the value for stack
>will be int the 4 first bytes and the value for main will be int the 4 next
>Giovanni Caterina

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions, but unfortunatly it does not work. :'(
At 0x0 is the code with label 'startup'. Probably something that is in the
(I assume that it is in crt.0)

I tried with "-nostartfiles" but it is the same thing. At 0x0, there is code
for some kind of routine that is not in my "main.c" file (only main and
WritePortB to write the LED code).

I only want my m68k-coff-gcc to compile those 2 routines : main() and
WritePortB(unsigned char c) and nothing else. 

How can I find the error I made and how do I proceed ?

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