gcc 3 arm-elf cross compiler

andy@softbook.com andy@softbook.com
Thu Jul 19 17:05:00 GMT 2001

I wonder if there's a patch that fixes the problem detailed below.

>> BTW, I just tried building a gcc 3 arm-elf cross-compiler on a linux box
>> Everything built fine but I get the same errors trying to build a simple
>> c++ app :
>>int  main()
>> unsigned long* foo = new unsigned long[20];
>> return 0;
>> ("Undefined references to "LLSDA1","LLSDA2",etc)
>Well if you build all your c++ code without -g (or use -gstabs to force
>stabs debug info rather than dwarf2) then your code will probably link ok;
>but I've no idea whether it will work correctly (I haven't tested the
>libraries recently).

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