Fw: Cross-gcc for SH

Albe alberico@libero.it
Thu Jul 19 13:35:00 GMT 2001

> Can you post a logfile?  It sounds like the stub is sending back an
> incorrect response to the "$?#xx" packet...
> As to the addresses in the S-record file being in the wrong places,
> it's because there's some initdata in the stub code that I haven't
> cleaned up yet.  You can ignore the problem.
I saw  that after compiling of the stub, a linker warning
"no memory region for section .rodata"
I put it after the .text in the cmd file and now the connection is OK.

Now I only have two small problems:

immediately after I load a file,
the command "info program"answer stopped at address 0xaaa which is not
the entry point,
and I cannot step on it.

Also when i compile a program with the newly compiled gcc 2.95.3 for
sh-elf, the load command say File format not recognized.




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