Error message of mips cross compiler

Wed Jul 18 21:01:00 GMT 2001

        I have changed my outlook seeting to send text formatted mail.
Unfortunately,Adding -mlong-calls doesn't solve my problem.
I found all error occured when some C codes access external global
variables(located in .data).


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> Subject: Error message of mips cross compiler
>   I have touble in building our souce code.
>   I got a error message when linking our objects,'relocation trunvated to
> fit: R_MIPS_GPREL16 DeviceName'
>  How could I solve it?
> Sean Chang
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>     Sean, if you use plain text I'll reply your questions more often, but
> what happens with your HTML mail is that I start replying to it, but I
> want to post HTML so I convert it to plain text, and then no matter what
> was in the post, Outlook Express just turns your message into
> ðø
> probably because it doesn't understand the charset, and then I haven't got
> the question text to quote and reply to so I just give up.  However,
> beside the main point here, I just mentioned it because I might not be the
> only one who doesn't reply HTML mails as often as plain text ones.
>   Anyway, the answer to your question is that you need to use the flag
> -mlong-calls in your compile commands.  HTH
>        DaveK
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