cygwin toolkit: can't find stdio.h

Mon Jul 16 12:57:00 GMT 2001


I installed cygwin toolkit from cygwin website(using "install
from internet" option in setup).
After installation, I tried to compile hello.c but I got below
error message.
(I installed this toolkit in C:\cygwin_toolkit)

bash-2.05$gcc hello.c
hello.c:1: stdio.h: No such file or directory

A strange thing is that cpp ONLY searches(I confirmed this 
by specifying -v option to gcc.)
even if "-idirafter /usr/include" is specifed in specs file.

I don't understand why CPP does not search /usr/include.

Are there anything that I miss to setup after installation?


¿ì¸® ÀÎÅͳÝ, Daum
Æò»ý ¾²´Â ¹«·á E-mail ÁÖ¼Ò ÇѸÞÀϳÝ
Áö±¸ÃÌ ÇÑ±Û °Ë»ö¼­ºñ½º Daum°Ë»ö

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