Stuart Kenny
Thu Jul 12 08:46:00 GMT 2001

I've been reading through the new FAQ at :
and I have a question about target names.

I have been using target names as they (more or less) appear as output from config.guess, using targets such as
i386-pc-linux-gnu, i386-pc-netbsd1.4.3,  and sparc-sun-solaris2.7

The FAQ uses:
powerpc-eabi, powerpc-elf, powerpc-linux, arm-linux, arm-elf, sh-elf, sh-linux, h8300-coff and  m68k-coff

My question:

Am I using the wrong form for my target, or is either valid?  Where do I are these terms defined?

I've been a windows geek until resently, and I'm not sure what half of these even are.  The FAQ assumes that you know what
elf, arm, coff, etc. are.

I'd appreachiate a point in the right direction.

Stuart Kenny

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