Canonical forms

Joe Humel
Wed Feb 28 17:18:00 GMT 2001

When configuring binutils and gcc, config.guess produces a 3 or 4 element 
identifier in canonical form,
"what the Hell I have configured".  In the most complex situation of 
building a cross-compiler on a machine that is neither the host or target, 
three machines are involved, i.e. build, host, and target.  My question is 
which machine does each element in the canonical form refer to.  I really 
only care about the case when build=host, but feel free to explain the case 
when they are different.  Here are my guesses, can anyone confirm for me?

CPU_TYPE refers to target
MANUFACTURER refers to target
KERNAL refers to host
OPERATING_SYSTEM refers to host

I don't think the elements ever refer to build because once the build is 
done, the build machine is history (unless build=host).  Someone please 
straighten me out.

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