arm-elf toolset problem in Window

Renato Levy
Fri Feb 23 09:12:00 GMT 2001

It seems to me that your eCos was installed directly in windows instead of 
in cygwin.

When Cygwin runs it shows the directory under the c:\cygwin subtree (or 
wherever you placed it) as the mounted drive for the bash command line. It 
is under BASH that you are supposed to install eCos (at least if you are 
installing the same version as I did!)

With cygwin running create a directory in cygwin and unzip the files under 
this directory. be sure to mount everything as binary in order not to 
create DOS/UNIX conflicts.

If you follow the installation procedures in everything should 
work as a breeze.

Note: Sometimes Win98e might issue an error while building gcc because of 
the number of files opened at the same time (depends on your settings). 
Once you pass this problem you are home free....

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