arm-elf toolset problem in Window

PK Chen
Fri Feb 23 02:27:00 GMT 2001

Sorry for bother agin.

I test it under Win98SE, and I've installed cygwin and eCos1.3.1, after
download the arm-elf toolset cross-arm-151200.tar.bz2 from ,  I can't find the directory
/c/cygnus/xgcc-arm/gnu to put the unzip files.

Do I need to install other tools ? Or where is the right place ?
Does it work fine in Win98, or it only ok in NT ?

( after install cygwin, in windows file system build a dir in c:/cygwin,
after install eCos, build a dir in C:/ProgramFiles/RedHat/eCos )

PK Chen

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Subject: Re: win 32 gcc cross compiler for ARM

PK Chen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for binaries of win32 GCC crosscompiler - ARM target. Or
> GNUPro pakage for ARM.
> thanks.

 Okeydokey, for the Windblows-host at least my egcs-1.1-based
'arm-coff' toolset at:

the Andy Hare's 'arm-elf' toolset at:

and the RedHat's 'xscale-coff' and 'xscale-elf' tools at:

are downloadable. The libraries with the XScale-distribution are xscale-
specific but the compiler can produce 'normal' ARM-binaries and using the
libs from the other ARM-distributions shouldn't be hard if rebuilding
newlib under Windblows sounds difficult...

Cheers, Kai

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