dwarf2 in GNU assembler 2.10.1

Yookyung Jo Yookyung_Jo@mentorg.com
Tue Feb 20 19:19:00 GMT 2001

I am trying to produce dwarf2 debugging information
using GNU assembler 2.10.1.
(The host is solaris and the target is mips).
I know that it has "--gdwarf2" option which I suppose produces
dwarf2 debugging information.
I tried something like
as --gdwarf2 -o foo.o foo.s
However, I was not able to identify dwarf2 debug sections
(such as ".debug_info", ".debug_line"...) from the generated
Do I have to configure with some special option when I build the

Another question is that,
even if I produced with STABS debugging information like
as --gstabs -o foo.o foo.s
it seemed the generated object file contains stabs information
not in the (expected) sections like .stab .stabstr
but in the "larger" .mdebug section which exists in smaller amount
even without the debug option.
As for the object file produced with "--gdwarf2", it also has
.mdebug section but the difference is not much and I doubt it will have
all the dwarf2 info there.
Anyway, I am wondering, if the debugging information is generated,
in which section it will reside.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this trouble ^_^.

Best regards,
Yookyung Jo

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