Some gcc avr questions?

Michael Pont
Wed Dec 19 14:19:00 GMT 2001


I received this recently on another e-mail list.

It may be relevant?


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   1) Brand new win32 package of avr-gcc available from AVRfreaks!

We have prepared our own installer package of avr-gcc, which includes
some additional items:

- Flavio Gobber's Elf2Coff converter
- Volker Oth's gcctest1-9 test projects
- slightly altered makefiles, and additional .bat files for better
integration with AVRstudio on both Win9x and Win2000 platforms.

Also updated is the avr-libc library: avr-libc-20011126 (nov.26, 2001)

This means you now have a COMPLETE and TOTALLY FREE development/debugging
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Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 11:46 PM
Subject: Some gcc avr questions?

Hello everybody!
I am new to the avr-gcc list and now I have some questions.

I am working on a Linux host and I have maintained a cross compiler script
the gcc win32 port in the past. Now I started to work with the avr
microcontrollers. I will prepare a script to build the gcc avr tool chain
easy. This will include the building of the libc.

I used the official versions of binutils (2.11.2) and gcc (3.0.2).
I have started with the binutils followed by gcc (C only).
There were no problems until now except for some warnings in binutils and

First question:
Shall I fix this warnings or are they already fixed in CVS (havent' looked
there) or is someone else working on this subject?

Then I tried to configure gcc for C++, but I got problems during the target
libiberty configuration. I know that this configuration needs libc and I
haven't build it until now. I don't thing it makes sense to build libiberty
the target. So I will remove it from the configuration for avr.

But before I start with this, I have the next questions:
How far is the C++ part for avr?
I am not so familar with the compiler internals, but I think if the backend
for C is ready it is possible to use also C++. Maybe the startup code must
changed to call all con/destructors of global objects. But I don't know it
detail. Maybe it is already done in libgcc.

Is there a gnu simulator available for the avr or is someone working on it?

I know about avr-gdb-4.18. Shall I try to port gdb-5.0 for avr or is someone
working on it?


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