How to build the compile environment for Intel 80200(Xscale)?

Tan Pengzhi
Mon Dec 3 22:29:00 GMT 2001

    If you have experience of emigratting firmware
Xscale architecture processor, Please help me.

   I am confusing about the compiler. Can you give me 
some advices for my design?
    I am designing the Embedded system based on Intel 
80200 Xscale processor and Intel 80312 I/O Companion
Chip.  In my hand, there is  compiler enviorment  for 
Intel IQ80310 Evaluation Platform(based on Intel 80200

and Intel 80312,but the whole system is not same with 
mine ). I can not understand its makefile structure 
very well. I have the xscale-elf-gcc command.

My problem:
1. If using GNU CC, How to use GNU CC for my design?
    I have the example makefile and crt0.o for the 
Intel Evaluation Platform.
Shall I re-write these files for my system or modified

from the existing file? I do not know how to make 
2. Where shall I initialize my system? In my 
application program or in the crt0.o?
    The Intel Evaluation Platform provided redboot as 
operating system. I found it initializes
the system. In my system , there is no operating 
system. Where shall I initialize the system?

   Thanks a lot!!

Best Regards!
                              Yours sincerely: Tanpengzhi
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