Take off "link" and "unlk" of function

mike mike@penbex.com.tw
Tue Oct 31 01:18:00 GMT 2000

Thank you for everyone who answer me and problem had solved.
I also did little research, and want to share it.
1.GCC will take off the 'link' and 'unlk' if only the function has
  no local variable.
2.GCC will not take off the 'link' and 'unlk' if the function has
  call another function with parameter even the funtion with
  local variable.
3.GCC will not only take off the 'link' and 'unlk' but use
  'subq #, %sp' and 'addq #, %sp' instead in a function
  uses parameter do  something even coded in purly assembly.
If my concept is wrong, correct me please.
Sorry for my bad english.

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