Invalid Operands with Inline assembly

Robert Floyd
Thu Oct 26 11:39:00 GMT 2000

Thanks so much.  You are completely correct and my examples are
compiling fine now.

Forgive me for asking but quite possibly you can explain something to
me.  For my SH7032, I have a particular assembly source file that
contains everything I need to use the serial port on the Hitachi part. 
For example, it contains one piece of code that allows one to send a
string out the serial port.  So in another assembly file if I want to
send out "Hello World", I do the following:

	mov.l	pTxString,r4		! address loaded for global TxStr function
	mova	pHelloStr,r0		! get 'Hello World' string and put in r0
	jsr	@r4			! jump to address in r4 (global TxStr)

---and at the bottom of my file I have----

pTxString:	.long	TxStr		    ! TxStr is a global function in another asm
pHelloStr:	.asciz	"\n\rHello World "   ! my ascii string

Since I really want to write my code in C but I also don't want to
recreate the wheel, since there is alot of assembly language functions I
could use, how could I write this DoHelloWorld function in C.  I tried
the following:

extern long TxChar;

int main()
   char pHelloStr[6] = "Hello";
      asm( "mov.l TxStr, r4;");
      asm( "mova pHelloStr, r0;");
      asm( "jsr  @r4;");

All I get is the following message:  
Assembler messages:
/var/tmp/ccSJdkkV.s:54: Error: pcrel too far
/var/tmp/ccSJdkkV.s:55: Error: pcrel too far

I searched the entire SH7032 Hardware manual and Programming Manual and
did not find any reference to pcrel.  Could you tell me what it is and
maybe another way that I could call a function that is written in
assembly that is in another file?  Thanks for any help on this.


Stan Katz wrote:
> Robert Floyd wrote
> >> I am attempting to embed inline assembly into my C code but during the
> >> compilation, I keep getting the error "invalid operands for opcode".
> >> Here is one of my lines:
> >>
> >> asm("mov %r14, %r15");
> >>
> >> I don't see why this should cause an error.  mov is a valid Hitachi SH
> >> opcode, r14 and r15 are valid registers.
> I have been using inline assembly on the SH for a while now without any
> problems. From my understanding the "%" is used to specify replacable
> parameters for the inline assembly and is the cause of the confusion. To
> simply move between registers the line is
>         asm("mov r14, r15;");
> A common problem that I have is that the compiler seems to concatenate all
> sequential asm commands into a single long string and then complains because
> there is no separation between assembly mnemonics. I have mad a practice of
> adding a terminating ";" to all my commands to prevent this (as in the above
> example).
> I have not needed any additional command line parameters to get the code
> working.
> Stan

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