#define in assembler file

Jeff/Laura Domogala domogala@bit-net.com
Mon Oct 23 19:41:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:50:43 -0700, you wrote:

] #defines are handled by the C preprocessor (cpp).  Somewhere in the back
] of my mind I seem to recall that gcc will invoke cpp if the extension is
] .S (upper case) and doesn't for .s (lower case).  You might want to
] check in the gcc documentation.

You can also use the gcc '-x assembler-with-cpp' language specifier to
preprocess and assemble the particular file with those #defines.  The use of .S
(capital s) as the file extension will also imply the same language option.

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Jeff/Laura/Ashley/Jason Domogala
Windham, NH

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