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Fri Oct 20 15:49:00 GMT 2000

As someone said before, the assembler from gnu tools usually matches
something commonly done such as what appears in hitachi data books.

You can also get help specific to certain configurations. Eg, for
the H8/3048 setup, you can do "man h8300-hms-gcc", iirc, and it
shows different help compared to just "man gcc".

Robert Floyd wrote:
> Ummm, I chose B.
> What got me to this point is I wrote a very simple program in C that
> initializes the serial uart and sends the letter T out of the serial
> port (at least I hoped it would).  Then I began investigating my output
> asm file, my lst file, etc.  The deeper I went the more entangled I
> became in the assembly code and all the directives.  Now I am at the
> point where it looks like I need to learn the Hitachi SH mnemonics and
> the GNU Assembler just to figure out what is going on with my C
> program.  Earlier someone posted that I should simply write a simple c
> program, the compiler is smarter than me so let it worry about the
> assembly language and directives.  Well, done that, didn't get anywhere.
> Alas, I find myself deep in the quagmire of the GNU tools.
> Oh well, enough whining from me, time to start some
> direction...

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