Help building a mipsel-r3000-elfl compiler

Kai Ruottu
Sat Oct 7 16:13:00 GMT 2000

Tom Wilson wrote:
> I don't want to mess with the current compiler i.e use two versions.

 After experimenting I may have had three or more versions for the same
target... Ok, the 'make install' uses always the same names unless one
uses the '--program-prefix=...' or '--program-suffix=...' to vary the
'gcc', 'g++' etc. names. My habit has been to use a install-script template
and edit it, ie. install 'manually' with a script. Anyway changing the
install prefix shouldn't be necessary.
> It doesn't actually matter this compiler will never be actually used on a
> real target.
> I just need a working compiler so that all the libstdc++v3 config scripts
> don't bomb out ahlfway through.
> Any old glue libraries that would work, will do.
> Where do I get them?

 The easy way is to build the Cygnus newlib for the C-library and then also get
the glue libs from the build... I don't remember any easy-to-use prebuilt MIPS-
libs anywhere, e.g. the '' SDE-libs require messing with the

> The mystic 2.96.2 was a typo I am actually using gcc 2.96-20000731
> (experimental) the dot between 2.96 and 2 was a slip of the keyboard.

 When the egcs/gcc-snapshots have been broken for almost everything so far I
remember, I expected the RedHat7's  'gcc-2.96' being some kind of 'bug-fixed'
and working release from the snapshots... It didn't work with the H8/300 target
for which I tried it first... Probably it is just the egcs-20000731 snapshots
and all the time and money used for the download (15 Mbytes with a modem) was
really vain... Of course I had downloaded the snapshots-diffs once a week and
it isn't funny to get just the same garbage again...

 When the 'mips-linux' is one of the Linux'es (but does RedHat support it?),
perhaps it could work for 'mips*' targets....

 Hmmm, I built the snapshots for 'mips-elf' (32-bit  default) in Dec 11, 1999,
and I'm quite sure they didn't work very well because I haven't tried them
later for this target...

 For all current GCCs my conclusion is that the 64-bit default might work
much better, ie. using 'mips64*-elf' as the target name and using the '-mips1'
when compiling for R3000, should work much better than doing it vice versa...

Cheers, Kai

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