#define in assembler file

Art Berggreen art@acc.com
Mon Oct 23 17:55:00 GMT 2000

Robert Floyd wrote:
> I am attempting to create an object file from my sh-hms-gcc
> crosscompiler with an example *.s file that I have. But I noticed the
> following when I type the line below:
> ./sh-hms-gcc -o initsh.o initsh.s
> /var/tmp/ccaJD08h.o(.text+0x20):InitSh.S: undefined reference to 'WCR1'
> This is only one of many. When I look at my initsh.s example file for
> the lines concerning WCR1 I find the following:
> #define WCR1    0x05FFFFA2
> ...and further down...
>         .long   WCR1
> I noticed however there is no problems with the use of the two byte word
> such as:
> #define INIT_WCR1       0x05FD
> ....further down...
>         .word INIT_WCR1
> Why am I having these errors with the long words?  Thanks for your help.


#defines are handled by the C preprocessor (cpp).  Somewhere in the back
of my mind I seem to recall that gcc will invoke cpp if the extension is
.S (upper case) and doesn't for .s (lower case).  You might want to
check in the gcc documentation.


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