Undefined References in crt0.S

Robert Floyd robert.floyd@inet.com
Fri Oct 20 07:23:00 GMT 2000

I created a basic linker script (maybe too basic) from examples and
information on the web.  Here is what I have:


   rom : o = 0, l = 512k

   .flash  0 :
	  __ftext =  . ;
	  __etext =	 . ;
	  __fdata =	 . ;
	  __edata =	 . ;
	}  > rom

However, this linker script gives me two errors that has some relation
to crt0.S:

../lib/crt0.o .... :crt0.S: undefined reference to '_edata'
../lib/crt0.o .... :crt0.S: undefined reference to '_end'

I notice that in my cmd linker script I have __fdata = . ; which I took
from an example.  Is this the line that crt0.S is looking for?  Does
anyone know where _end should be place and the syntax for it use? And
what is this file crt0.o?  Thanks for any help on this.


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