building crossgcc for m68k-coff on WINNT

ron tal
Wed Oct 18 02:58:00 GMT 2000

following is the script I am using:

WINNT(pentium III) cygwin, m68k-coff

Q: the configure part finished OK.
   make all install - fails

   error message - ./libtool : m68kcoff_vec, : command not found

                   ./libtool : versados_vec  : command not found

                   ./libtool : ieee_vec     : command not found

                   ./libtool : bfd_m68k_arch : command not found

   let me know if you can help.


# Build a CrossGCC for newlib for embedded sistems
# Enrico Colombini <> October 2000
# It works on my RedHat 6.0 Linux box. I make no other claims.
# Thanks to Scott Howard for the CrossGCC FAQ, to Jo~ao Cadamuro
# and to many people on the CrossGCC list for the fixes, and to
# Marco Morocutti for cooperation and support

# = 1 = Before executing this, get the sources for:
#       binutils, gcc, newlib, gdb
#       and unpack them in the <src> directory (say /home/erix/crossrc)
#       (e.g. tar zxvf binutils-2_10_tar.gz)
#       thus creating four corresponding subdirectories

# = 2 = Adjust the lines below to configure for your system:
prefix=/home/users/ronenl/gcc-cross/m68k-prefix           # Destination 
target=m68k-coff                                          # Target system
machine=pentiumpro                                        # equivalent to 
binutilsdir=binutils-2.10                                 # Directories 
created by unpacking sources

# - 3 - Execute this shell script from <src>: ./buildcross

# Create destination directory
mkdir -p $prefix

# Compile binutils
mkdir -p build$binutilsdir
cd build$binutilsdir
../$binutilsdir/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix --host=$machine 
make all install
cd ..

# Add executables to path, they'll be needed later
echo $PATH

# Add symbolic links to newlib into gcc source
cd $gccdir
ln -s ../$newlibdir/newlib newlib
ln -s ../$newlibdir/libgloss libgloss
cd ..

# Compile gcc
mkdir -p build$gccdir
cd build$gccdir
../$gccdir/configure --verbose --target=$target --prefix=$prefix 
--with-newlib --host=$machine --enable-languages=
make all install
cd ..

# Compile newlib
mkdir -p build$newlibdir
cd build$newlibdir
../$newlibdir/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix --host=$machine -v
make all install
cd ..

# Compile gdb
mkdir -p build$gdbdir
cd build$gdbdir
../$gdbdir/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix --host=$machine -v
make all install
cd ..

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